Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick

Everyone seems to be gearing up for the fall season lately. Including Dior! This certainly isn’t Rouge Dior’s first time around the block but they’re making quite the impression this time around. Dior has revamped and relaunched the popular Rouge Dior lippie line for fall and I’m just loving it! The new Rouge Dior lipsticks feature both new colors and an updated design. Check it out!

The new packaging features a shiny deep blue plastic casing with a quilted Dior print along the packaging. I love how sleek and chic it looks! It can come off a little bulky but I feel like the shape makes it a lot easier to locate in a crowded purse or makeup bag. I’ve yet to actually try a Rouge Dior lippie but I am familiar with the Addict line and I must say these lippies seem much more impressive. They’re crazy pigmented and feel super creamy! I also love the large color range. You’re bound to find a beautiful lipstick in this bunch!

999 Rouge, 844 Trafalgar, 775 Darling, 169 Grege, 123 Trompe L’Ceil, 319 Trench, 223 Indiscrete, 671 Deauville, 543 Rendez-vous, 976 Prune Daisy, 844 Trafalgar, 890 Brun Jungle, 752 Rouge Favori, 988 Rialto, 459 Charnelle, 361 Rose Basier, 555 Rose Dolce Vita, 263 Swan

468 Rose Bonheur, 365 Rose Songe, 565 Vogue, 766 Rose Harpers, 618 Twill, 526 Macadam, 434 Brun Samarcande, 976 Prune Daisy, 475 Rose Caprice, 683 Esquisse, 644 Rouge Blossom, 532 Plisse Soliel, 765 Monmartne, 743 Rouge Zinnia

766 Rose Harpers, 941 Rouge Cannage, 786 Mauve Mystere

All of the shades are beautiful but Deauville, Rose Caprice, Rose Harpers and Mauve Mystere are just gorgeous. I must have them! The Rouge Dior lipsticks are a tad pricey at $34 but the formula seems to be worth it. I can’t wait to try one of them soon! Check out Sephora, Nordstrom or Dior if you’d like to pick up one of these lippies!