Wash Day with Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser!

“I love washing my makep brushes!” Said no one ever. I really enjoy playing in makeup and getting all artsy and creative. But cleaning everything up afterwards? Pain in the butt! The only thing I dislike more than cleaning my vanity every other day (because vanities never remain clean, ever) is washing all those brushes. It’s so important to disinfect and wash your brushes regularly though!
After a few uses your brushes collect dirt, oil and dead skin that you’ll end up sweeping all over your face and causing nasty breakouts. Despite this gross fact we often neglect to cleanse our tools as often because it’s so much work. To make things a little easier on myself I decided to try the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser. So far I like it! I’ve been using my Philosophy Purity cleanser to clean my brushes and it works great. But pouring it into my palm between each brush and what not is a bit of a hassle. The Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser is so much simpler! I just wet my brush, swipe it against the cleanser and swirl it around the lid. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to use the lid to loosen everything up but it works so well! It’s quicker and less messy. Plus, no prune hands here! I’m still testing it out but I did want to give you guys a quick first impression before the full review. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you ladies use to wash your brushes!