Milani Violet Addict Lip Intense Review

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I’ll admit, I wasn’t too excited to try Violet Addict after my lackluster experience with the Fiery Coral Lip Intense. It was so drying and icky looking on me! I adored the color but the formula was just too hard to work with. Totally different story with Violet Addict! The color is absolutely gorgeous and the formula is so much better than Fiery Coral! Take a look!

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Violet Addict shares the same bright plastic packaging with gold accents as Fiery Coral but the tube is a bright violet instead. It’s not the most luxe packaging around but I still find it pretty appealing. The gold detailing gives it a nice edge and pop. Violet Addict also shares the same light, waxy scent as Fiery Coral. It’s not strong or overpowering though. I don’t smell it during application and it doesn’t linger or leave a weird taste.

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The doe foot applicator has a long paddle like shape and a soft yet firm feel. It feels good on the lips and doesn’t flop around during application. It works pretty well for my full lips. I just wish it was a bit more tapered at the ends to allow a more precise application. It’s easy to apply it outside of the lip lines if you’re not careful.

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The color is just beautiful! Violet Addict is a soft yet bright pinky violet that goes on smoothly and pretty evenly. Milani labels Lip Intense as a liquid lip color which is pretty spot on as it’s thicker than a gloss but not quite a liquid lipstick. It’s not sticky or tacky like a gloss but it will create some lines if you do too much smooshing during application. I didn’t find Violet Addict to be nearly as drying as Fiery Coral. It’s actually not drying at all! It wore comfortably for 3-4 hours without much feathering. It did leave a ring of color on the inside of my lips as it began to fade though. It’s not the biggest deal but I’m not a fan of the effect or the way it looks so I recommend keeping it nearby for touchups. Otherwise, I found Violet Addict to be quite enjoyable and worth the buy! I’m not sure what went wrong the the Fiery Coral formula but I’m so grateful that Violet Addict is completely different!

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