NARS Matte Multiples Haul & Swatches

 photo 20140308_181341_RichtoneHDR.jpg

Well hello there! I know I’ve been kind of M.I.A. today but that’s only because I’ve spent most of my day browsing the counters at Sephora. There’s nothing like a good ol’ Sephora run! I dropped in to check out some new blushes and walked out with a couple of the new NARS Matte Multiples. Check ’em out!

 photo 20140308_181424_RichtoneHDR.jpg

There’s 7 shades available but I felt like Exumas and Siam fit my skin tone the best. Exumas is a soft pinky coral that would work well on a variety of complexions. It’s a really soft shade that will work well as an everyday blush. Siam, on the other hand, is such a siren! It’s vibrant reddish orange that’s crazy pigmented. I just can’t get over how bright and beautiful it is! Siam works wonderfully for women of color and I think it would work well for ladies on the lighter end of the spectrum too. Just keep a duo fiber brush handy! I literally just got home so I’ve only gotten a chance to swatch them but I’ll give you guys a full review very soon!

 photo 20140308_181532_RichtoneHDR.jpg

 photo 20140308_181746_RichtoneHDR.jpg