Chanel Le Blanc Immediate Brightening Oil Gel Makeup Remover Review

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I’m all for saving a few bucks here and there but sometimes it’s nice to splurge and treat yourself. I can never help myself when it comes to Chanel because everything is just so darn luxurious! Do you absolutely need to splurge on a Chanel makeup remover? No. Will you love it if you do? I think so!

The Chanel Le Blanc Immediate Brightening Oil Gel Makeup Remover (such a mouthful!) has a clear gel texture with a light floral scent that gently removes all types of makeup. It’s enriched with licorice and pearl protein extracts to brighten and add radiance as you remove even the toughest of formulas. The Le Blanc Oil Gel Makeup Remover is great for all over use but I love using it on my eyes! The NARS Black Valley Eye Paint I’ve been using lately is very hard to remove with makeup wipes but it melts right off with this makeup remover. Even my waterproof mascaras melt away with just a small drop. Plus, I don’t get any burning or stinging around the eye area and it hasn’t broken me out either. It’s very impressive! As for the brightening properties, I have noticed a slight difference in my eye area (where I use it most). My skin is a little brighter and more radiant but it’s not a huge difference. I honestly don’t have any dark spots or discoloration though so I probably wouldn’t be the best tester for that aspect. But I still love it anyway! If you don’t mind a bit of splurging then I’d totally recommend checking out the Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Oil Gel Makeup Remover ($60) at your local Chanel counter.