MAC Playland Collection Swatches

 photo IMG_20140417_074637.jpg

I had like the longest day ever! I rushed out of the door super early for a ton of shopping. Makeup shopping. Truck shopping. Sheesh! Talk about fun yet stressful! I’m just glad that it’s finally over. Oh, and that I scored some new lippies and found a new truck. Yay! As you probably guessed, I’m beyond exhausted but I didn’t want to dissolve into my bed until I shared some swatches with you guys. I’ll admit. They were a little rushed since I was under a tight schedule but I’ll have a few more coming your way soon. In the meantime, enjoy!

 photo IMG_20140417_080655.jpg

Head In the Clouds lipstick, Sweet Experience lipstick, Toying Around lipstick, Red Balloon lipstick, Happy Go Lucky Lipstick, Hi Jinks Casual Color (far right) and Young At Heart Casual Color (bottom)

 photo 20140417_164031.jpg

Playland lipstick, Brightside lip glass, Lots of Laughs lip glass, Carousel lip glass, Pure Silliness lip glass and Live It Up lip glass