Month: May 2014

NYX Macaron Lipstick Haul & Swatches

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Have you ever rolled out of bed one day and thought, “Hey I want a blue lipstick!”? I have! I know, it’s kind of weird to roll out of bed craving blue lipstick over breakfast. That’s just how I roll though! Well, sometimes. Breakfast is pretty awesome. But not as awesome as the new NYX Macaron Lipstick collection!


MAC Pedro Lourenco Collection

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MAC seems to be chock full of special packaging collections this year! I’m still trying to get over Alluring Aquatic but MAC has already moved on to the next collection with pretty packaging. The makeup giant has recently teamed up with Brazilian fashion design Pedro Lourenco for a summer collection featuring a variety of nudes and smoking hot red lips. Take a look!

New MAC Alluring Aquatic Addition!

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I was so proud of myself for making it out of the MAC Alluring Aquatic release with just two lipsticks. As you can see, that feeling didn’t last forever. I already have a hard time resisting MAC collections but things got twice as hard with this beautiful packaging. Just look at how beautiful it is! I told myself I didn’t need anymore blushes but when I saw Sea Me Hear Me Extra Dimension blush pop back up online at Nordstrom I just had to pop it in my cart. Lucky for me, Sea Me Hear Me was still available at a store near me so I was able to pick it up in store. Score!


Maybelline Glowing Garnet Color Elixir Review


Remember those Maybelline Bleached Neons Color Elixirs I showed you? Sure you do! I’ve been playing around with them for the last couple of weeks and I’m quite impressed with the formula. I was already a fan of the Color Elixir formula before I hauled these but I’m really digging the new colors. I was expecting them to be a little brighter and more “in your face” but they’re still pretty nice summer shades. Of all of the colors I’ve hauled I think I like Glowing Garnet the best!


Operation Vanity: Reorganizing My Stash

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There comes a time in every makeup junkie’s life where she realizes her stash is getting a little out of control. I’ve finally reached that point. Does that mean I’m going to stop hauling all of the beautiful makeup in the world? Of course not! It just means that it’s time for me to start organizing a little better. I’ve run out of room for my MAC lipsticks about 3 (okay maybe 4 or 5) hauls ago so I went on the hunt for some cosmetic organizers. I was thinking about dropping some big bucks at The Container Store or on an Original Beauty Box at first. Until I discovered the awesome and extremely affordable cosmetic organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond!


Revlon Rio Rush Collection Lipstick Swatches

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It’s so hard to find limited edition drugstore collections! Like needle in a haystack hard! I searched like crazy to find the new Rio Rush Collection lipsticks because the shades looked really beautiful. The collection was inspired by Gucci Westman’s take on the energy and passion of Brazil. The products are a mixture of bold and bright with some sultry bronze goodies tossed in. Of course, I was here for the bold and bright side of the collection so I picked up 2 of the limited edition Super Lustrous lipsticks.


Manicure Monday!

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Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all are enjoying the warm weather, spending time with your families and eating lots of barbecue!  I’m currently re-organizing my vanity before I enjoy the festivities but I thought I’d still share my new manicure with you. This week I’m sporting the Wet n Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint polish I picked up during the CVS Wet n Wild BOGO sale. I thought it looked beautiful in the bottle but it’s even prettier on my nails! I Need A Refresh-Mint is more of a Tiffany blue on me than a mint but I still adore it anyway! I paired it with the Essie Set in Stones glitter polish on my index and ring fingers to add a little extra glam. The glitter is so big and chunky that it actually looks like stones! It’s so cool! I’m usually a pink nail kind of gal but this manicure has me ready to try out some more blue shades. What’s on your nails this week?