More NARS Matte Multiple Swatches!

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Don’t you just love NARS? I know I do! NARS just does everything right. Especially the blushes! I was pretty darn excited when the Matte Multiples released because I just knew they’d be a hit! I’m still in the process of testing these beauties but I still wanted to share some swatches and first impressions with you.Take a look!

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Exumas is a soft, warm pinky coral that’s perfect for everyday wear. I think Exumas will work well on a variety of skin tones from pale to deep. It’s pretty pigmented but because it’s a such a soft color it’s hard to overdo. Exumas is easily the most wearable shade for all complexions. If you’re confused on where to start with the Matte Multiples I recommend starting with Exumas.

Anguilla is a cool, blue based pink that’s also a nice shade for everyday wear. It’s a tad too light for me but it will work very well on pale to medium complexions. Like Exumas, Anguilla will give a nice wash of color to the cheeks without too much effort.

Altai is a warm taupe that will work well for contouring pale to medium complexions. It’s very pigmented so one light swipe is all you’ll need to softly add definition. I highly recommend applying Altai with a duo fiber brush to pick up just enough product for a natural contour. While it’s too light to use on my face, I’ve been having a ball rocking Altai as a nude lip! It looks beautiful paired with a nude gloss!

Vientiane is warm, reddish bronze that will work as contour on medium to dark skin tones. I love using Vientiane as a light, natural contour! It’s so effortless! Vientiane is also quite pigmented so you don’t need a lot of product to achieve a chiseled appearance. I also recommend using a duo fiber brush to apply and blend. Especially for lighter complexions. It’s much deeper than Altai so it’s easier to over apply if you’re a bit heavy handed.

Siam is bright, vibrant warm poppy that looks great on all skin tones. It’s the most beautiful blush in my collection! Siam is quite the statement shade so it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s incredibly pigmented so I recommend using a duo fiber brush and a very, very light hand regardless of your complexion. Even on my skin tone, Siam is very easy to overdo because it’s so intense. A little goes a very long way! Like Altai, I absolutely adore wearing Siam on the lips! It gives the face a wonderful pop of color!

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Exumas, Anguilla, Altai, Vientiane and Siam