Revlon Rio Rush Collection Lipstick Swatches

 photo IMG_20140526_055403.jpg

It’s so hard to find limited edition drugstore collections! Like needle in a haystack hard! I searched like crazy to find the new Rio Rush Collection lipsticks because the shades looked really beautiful. The collection was inspired by Gucci Westman’s take on the energy and passion of Brazil. The products are a mixture of bold and bright with some sultry bronze goodies tossed in. Of course, I was here for the bold and bright side of the collection so I picked up 2 of the limited edition Super Lustrous lipsticks.

 photo IMG_20140526_055422.jpg

There were two nudes in the Rio Rush collection but I opted for Sultry Samba and Carnival Spirit instead. Sultry Samba is a bright matte fuchsia and Carnival Spirit is a warm coral orange with a shine finish.

 photo IMG_20140526_055442.jpg

I hate to say it but these lipsticks are really disappointing so far. The colors are gorgeous but the pigmentation is severely lacking compared to the rest of the Super Lustrous line. I had to swipe both shades quite a few times to get the color to show up. I haven’t tried them on yet so I’m hoping they at least wear nicely since the pigmentation isn’t that great. I’ll be testing both shades very soon so keep an eye out for reviews! Until then, enjoy the swatches!

 photo IMG_20140526_055521.jpg