Revlon Sultry Samba Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

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I remember the first time I tried the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick line. I was so impressed by the formula I hauled a ton of them! I never thought in a million years that I would come across one that I didn’t like. However, the day has come. I can’t believe how disappointing the Rio Rush lipsticks are!

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The disappointment came quite early with Sultry Samba. I had a feeling when I swatched it that it wasn’t going to be anything like the Super Lustrous lipsticks I’ve tried before. Boy was I right! It was stiff, dry and lacked pigmentation. I was shocked how many swipes it took to get a good swatch of Sultry Samba. Especially since it looks like such a bright and intense color.

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I was hoping that Sultry Samba would wear a lot better than it swatched but it didn’t. Sultry Samba is a bright fuchsia with subtle purple undertones and a matte finish. It applied pretty patchy and clumped up into little bits during application. I didn’t find the formula to be drying but it was very unforgiving on my dry lips. It clung to dry patches and settled in to lip lines a bit. Sultry Samba lasted around 4 hours before beginning to fade and leaving a patchy stain behind. It was such a disaster from start to finish! Sultry Samba is nothing like the creamy, pigmented goodness I’ve grown to love from the Super Lustrous line. If you stumble across Sultry Samba at your local drugstore I suggest running far, far away! There’s quite a few bright pink lipsticks in the Super Lustrous line that perform much better. I don’t recommend Sultry Samba at all.