MAC Osbournes Haul & Swatches

 photo IMG_20140613_082518.jpg

I’m always a little excited when I get new lipsticks but I haven’t been this giddy since the RiRi days! The entire MAC Osbournes collection was so beautiful. The colors were beautiful and the packaging is to die for! I have my fingers crossed that I don’t double dip like I did with Alluring Aquatics though!

 photo IMG_20140613_082649.jpg

There were a few things I had to fight the urge to order from this collection but I was mostly interested in the lipsticks. Bright, bold lips? Yes please! All of the lipsticks from Kelly’s collection were pretty but I was sure only two of them would work for me. I ordered Dodgy Girl, a bright lavender, and Kelly Yum Yum, a bright fuchsia. The star of the show is definitely Dodgy Girl! The color is very unique and different from all the other purples we’ve seen from MAC. I really regret not getting a back up!

 photo IMG_20140613_040342.jpg

Kelly Yum Yum isn’t the most unique color but it’s still not quite like anything I have in my stash. Naturally, I don’t have anything like Dodgy Girl in my collection. MAC Lavender Whip seemed to be the closest but they’re definitely different. Compare the swatches below!

 photo IMG_20140613_040620.jpg

MAC Lavender Whip, MAC Dodgy Girl, NYX Violet, MAC RiRi Boy

 photo IMG_20140613_040551.jpg

MAC Happy Go Lucky, MAC Dodgy Girl, MAC Candy Yum Yum

 photo IMG_20140613_040453.jpg

MAC Kelly Yum Yum and MAC Dodgy Girl

 photo IMG_20140613_040739.jpg

MAC Candy Yum Yum, MAC Kelly Yum Yum, MAC Happy Go Lucky

 photo IMG_20140613_040902.jpg

MAC Lavender Whip, MAC RiRi Boy, MAC Dodgy Girl, NYX Violet