Maybelline Luminous Lilac Color Elixir Review

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You didn’t think I forgot to review my last Maybelline Bleached Neons Color Elixir did you? Of course not! The MAC Alluring Aquatic collection has been quite the distraction but I’m slowly easing my way back into reviewing all the goodies I’ve hauled lately. Boy has it been a lot!


Luminous Lilac is a soft pinky lilac with a perfume-y sort of smell and taste. The scent and taste doesn’t bother me much but I can imagine ladies with sensitive senses being bothered by it. Luminous Lilac, like the rest of the shades I hauled, is moderately pigmented and not too vibrant. I can’t believe I’m just now realizing this but the Color Elixirs don’t really fit the Bleached Neons theme. While Luminous Lilac (and the others) are lovely summer shades they’re more on the sheer side and are actually quite subtle.

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However, I still like the formula though! Luminous Lilac applies semi-opaque with one swipe but you can build it a bit to get a little more intensity. It’s a rather light shade so it does look milky up close but it isn’t really noticeable from a distance. The texture is slightly thick but it doesn’t feel sticky or tacky. It’s actually quite nice on the lips! Luminous Lilac is moderately moisturizing and lasts for around 3 hours before losing its glossy sheen and leaving a light stain. The stain lasts around 2 hours before completely fading away. While I do wish that Luminous Lilac was a little more opaque like Hibiscus Haven I still recommend giving it a try. The color is very pretty and the formula is such a treat!

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