Operation Vanity: Part 3

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Operation Vanity has definitely been a work in progress but it’s coming along quite nicely! Since I’ve discovered the spacey yet affordable cosmetic organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond my vanity has never looked better. No more piles of lipsticks and glosses scattered everywhere. Or stray liners cluttering up my work space. It’s just such a relief!

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I mentioned in Part 2 that I was picking up another 3 drawer set and as you can see I didn’t waste any time filling it up! Most of my high end lipsticks and glosses have been organized and packed away so all that was left were my drugstore lippies. Lately, I’ve been hauling my butt off at CVS so I still have quite a few more lippies to tuck away but the bulk of them fit into this nifty drawer set. I can’t express enough how happy I am to have discovered these amazing sets! They stack up pretty nicely and only cost me about $42 for all 3 sets. Which is quite the steal! For now, I think I’m done hanging around Bed Bath & Beyond. I still have a lot of other makeup to organize but I’d like a bigger organizer with deeper shelves to stock my blushes, powders and eyeshadows. I currently have my eye on a couple affordable box sets on Amazon so hopefully you’ll be seeing them soon!

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