Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin Vivids Lipstick Review

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I know you’re probably thinking, “Another coral lipstick, Fancie?” I know, I know. My new color obsession is slowly taking over but it just feels so darn good! It’s nice to step out of my comfort zone and try some new colors. Besides, that’s what makeup is all about! 

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My newest coral lipstick is Vibrant Mandarin from the Maybelline Vivids line. I’ve only tried one other Vivids lipstick but the line seems to be a hit. There’s a wide range of colors and the formula is quite impressive. I’m not the biggest fan of the bulky, loud packaging but I’m slowly becoming a fan of the formula.

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Vibrant Mandarin is a vibrant, warm red with orange undertones and a creamy satin finish. There’s a light powdery, perfume-y kind of scent that I’m not too fond of but I’ve gotten used to it. It isn’t a strong, lingering scent but you can definitely smell it the second you open the tube. If you have a sensitive nose it’ll probably be a little off putting at first.

Application is smooth and easy with Vibrant Mandarin. It glides on effortlessly and is opaque and even in just one swipe. Vibrant Mandarin has a rather creamy texture and a slight sheen but it doesn’t slip around, bleed or feather. I didn’t notice it settling into lip lines either. The formula is very kind to my dry lips! Vibrant Mandarin wore comfortably for over 6 hours without feeling drying or making my lips look dry. As it wore away it left a light stain that didn’t look bad at all. Maybelline could really revamp the packaging and smell of the Vivids line but the formula is perfection! Vibrant Mandarin is a wonderful summer lipstick and I’m happy to add it to my vast collection of lippies. Whether you’re already a coral addict or just becoming one (like me!) Vibrant Mandarin is worth the buy!

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