Milani Coral Crush Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss Review

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Remember those lip glosses with the ball applicator? I used to be obsessed with them! They were super shiny, thick and sticky but I loved slathering them all over my lips when I was a little girl. Those were the days! I’ve grown into quite the lipstick addict but sometimes I like to get back to my girlish gloss days. There’s just something about a glossy pout that I can’t let go!

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Coral Crush has been my summer companion lately and I must say I’m enjoying the company! It’s a warm, peachy coral with a soft sheen and light, sweet scent. The packaging is the same as Ravish Raspberry with a thick, clear plastic tube, gold accents and a long, flexible paddle shaped applicator. The texture is a little thick and tacky but it doesn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable on the lips. It’s actually quite moisturizing! Coral Crush looks really bright and intense in the tube but it has a more semi-sheer finish that’s buildable. It looks pretty sheer when applied lightly but the color becomes more pronounced as you apply more. I love that it can be built to a semi-opaque finish without it feeling too thick or goopy. It’s very versatile!

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Coral Crush is only the second Brilliant Shine lip gloss I’ve tried but I’m quite pleased with the formula so far. It’s a dream for dry lips and it wears so well! Coral Crush lasted for around 4-6 hours before fading away and leaving a light coral stain and soft lips. Most glosses only last 2-3 hours on me so I’m very impressed with Coral Crush! You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with this $6 gloss. Not only does it work fabulously on its own but it plays nice with lipsticks and liners too! Obviously, picking up Coral Crush during your next drugstore run is a no brainer. The color is beautiful and the formula is fantastic!

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