What’s Your Favorite Fragrance?


I’m a picky gal who likes different scents for different moods and occasions so I have a nice sized perfume collection. However, there’s only a handful of fragrances that’ll never leave my rotation. Here’s my all time faves:

Hanae Mori Butterfly is an incredibly sweet, feminine blend of flowers and berries including strawberry, Jasmine and black currant. I like to wear it when I’m all dolled up and feeling playful.

Marc Jacobs Dot is a sweet, citrus-y perfume with notes of dragon fruit, orange, red berries, coconut water and more. It’s the kind of scent I like to wear on carefree trips to the mall or lunch with friends. It’s very casual and girly.

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme is a deep, sultry fragrance with notes of Sandalwood, raspberry and Jasmine. It has a sweet, woody musk

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy is another sweet, fruity scent with notes of vanilla, amber, sandalwood and more. I like to wear it to lunch dates or small gatherings.

Prada Candy is a sweet, sensual scent with hints of caramel, vanilla and musk. I love wearing it on dinner dates and out on the town.

Marc Jacobs Honey is a playful, fruity scent with notes of peach nectar, juicy mandarin, honey and more. I love to wear it during the summer.

What’s your favorite fragrance?