Day: March 6, 2015

MAC Toledo Inspired Look

MAC Isabel & Ruben Toledo Chlorafill Pearlglide Eyeliner, Ripe Peach Blush and Oxblood Lipstick

The MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo collection has long come and gone but I’m still very much enjoying my small haul. For starters, the packaging is so cool! A pain in the butt to clean but still pretty pleasing to look at. And the makeup inside? Crazy about it! Sometimes I have a habit of pushing my limited edition hauls to side after I’ve posted about them but I can’t keep my hands off this collection. So why not share a look with my favorite peeps?

MAC Julia Petit Collection

mac - jp1

What time is it you ask? Time for another limited edition MAC collaboration! Corny. I know, but I had to lol. This seems to be the year of collabs with MAC and I’m kinda diggin’ it. I love seeing the different colors and looks they come up with, the special packaging and the fact that I get to learn a thing or two. I had no idea who Isabel and Ruben Toledo or Bao Bao Wan were before their amazing collections. Now I get to do the same with Julia Petit, a beauty icon and lifestyle Blogger from South America. She’s a pretty big deal (and absolutely beautiful) so it’s only right for her to bring that Brazilian touch to MAC!