A Quick Lash Stash from CVS

Kiss Ever EZ Lashes 11, Kiss Poise Looks So Natural Lashes

You know what I love about CVS? All those coupons! I swear there’s a new coupon or Extra Care Bucks offer in my inbox at least once a week. And it’s pretty smart. Because just about every time I get one I rush to the store to buy something I don’t need and wasn’t even thinking about before I opening the coupon. Damn you good marketing!

Kiss Ever EZ Lashes 11

On the bright side, I was running a little low on my lash stash so I figured it was a great time stock up. I couldn’t just let $3 off plus an additional 20% off slide, right? I started off by grabbing a pair of my all time favorite falsies: the Kiss Ever EZ Lashes #11. They’re basically the classic demi whispies style so they look glam yet natural. They’re my everyday falsies so I can’t be without them. Ever.

Kiss Poise Looks So Natural Lashes

Then I spotted these new Looks So Natural lashes in the style Poise so I grabbed them too. The style looks pretty similar the #11 Ever EZ Lashes so I expect similar results but more natural. I can’t wait to try them on and see how they look!