MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder, MAC Shade Fluidline and MAC I Get No Kick Eye Kohl from the MAC is Beauty Collection

Happy Saturday guys and gals! It’s a beautiful sunny day out and I just wanna play in the sun and some new makeup. Unfortunately, I work late tonight so I won’t get to frolic too much today but I did get a chance to finally try my MAC is Beauty Collection goodies and I’m so in love. So in love! I’m already a big fan of MAC’s fluidlines so I knew I’d love Shade but Alpha Girl and I Get No Kick turned out to be amazing too. I Get No Kick is pure heaven on the waterline and looks even more amazing applied to the tear ducts for a bright eyed look. And Alpha Girl? Holy crap! That stuff has a golden glow that’s so, so gorgeous! I almost want backups of both!