MAC Guo Pei Collection Coming Soon!

mac - gp1

Ahh, another MAC collaboration with beautiful packaging! These collections always get me so excited. Not only do I get to decorate my vanity with some new limited edition pieces but I also get to learn something new. I don’t know about you but it’s rare that I’m familiar with MAC’s current flavor of the month. So it’s pretty cool that I get to learn about icons and designers I probably never would have discovered on my own. Take the upcoming Guo Pei collection for example. I had to flex my Google skills to find out Guo Pei is a famous Chinese haute couture designer. But I was only prompted to do so when I saw this gorgeous promo picture floating around. Just look at that packaging! And that fluidline! I’m glad MAC decided to tease us a little (and teach us a lesson or two) but I’m dying to learn more about this collection and when it will be available. Because, quite frankly, I’d like to learn more about palette and powder too. Fingers crossed more details arise soon!