I’m Officially a Makeup Artist!

Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist

Yes, you read that right! I’m now a full time makeup artist for Bobbi Brown. Woohoo! It’s so crazy how things happen. I was recently offered the position and, of course, accepted before screaming for about 10 minutes straight. I just love makeup and making women look and feel beautiful so I couldn’t be happier to be joining the Bobbi Brown team. It’s a pretty amazing team to be a part of!

Last week was my first week at the counter and I’ve been having so much fun and learning so much about the brand. I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual (I’ve read it twice so far) but I’ve only tried like 2 of her powders so I’ve been playing and sampling just about everything. Plus, I’ve been jumping right to it with consultations and makeovers so I’ve already gotten a chance to start feeling out a great deal of products. As you probably know, I’ve been dying to get my welcome kit so I can play and share but in the meantime I’ve made a list of all the products I need in my life. You know how that goes! Here’s my top 5 picks so far:

  • CC Cream in Golden Nude I tried a bit of this on the back of my hand and the difference was crazy! The formula and coverage are lightweight but it still seems to even out my complexion while making it look brighter and giving it a nice luminous sheen. Not to mention, the color seems to be a great match for my skin tone!
  • Extra Balm Rinse This is pretty much an ultra hydrating makeup remover and cleanser in one (think Chanel Cleansing Milk) that I’ve been obsessed with lately. It removes pretty much all of my makeup and makes my skin feel so soft and supple afterwards. I already have about 3 samples on hand until I get my card in the mail. It’s soo good!
  • Tinted Eye Brightener in Deep Peach I don’t have serious dark circles but I do have a seriously annoying dark spot under my left eye that can be difficult to conceal so I played around with the correctors a bit. I ended up liking the cream but ended up getting addicted to the Tinted Eye Brightener. It really neutralizes dark spots and brightens them. I can’t wait to really try it out!
  • Vitamin Enriched Face Base I was initially intrigued by the delicious smell but this stuff is pretty hydrating and makes a great base for makeup too! It really smooths out the skin and lightly plumps my fine lines for a smoother makeup application. It’s pretty much a moisturizer and primer in one. Who couldn’t use that?
  • Pot Rouge in Chocolate Cherry This blush is simply beautiful! It’s a deep wine with brown undertones that looks amazing on pretty much all complexions. But especially brown skin. It adds a nice touch of color and warmth yet still looks really natural. I absolutely have to have it!

Have you tried any Bobbi Brown products? What are your faves?