Manicure Tuesday!

Klean Color Cherry Sky Polish

Heyyyy polish junkies! I’ve got a pink polish for you that’s: a) super affordable and b) ridiculously cute. It’s by Klean Color and it’s called Cherry Sky and it’s like a dollar at the local beauty supply. I spotted it at the salon and had to try it on cause it was so darn cute!

Cherry Sky is a soft warm rose pink that has such a girly Barbie vibe. I’m very much in love with the color. I’m still getting used to the cut and shape though. I haven’t worn squares in years and I have the hardest time maneuvering with these little nubs lol. They’re growing on me but my nails are naturally long so it’s taking me a little while to adjust. Good thing I adore my polish!

What’s on your nails right now?