Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil Review

Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil

Oils are a miracle when it comes to makeup and skincare. Some can easily melt makeup while others can do more complex things like condition and renew skin. There’s even oils out there that can soothe and cleanse skin, too. Like Bobbi Brown’s Soothing Cleansing Oil.

The Soothing Cleansing Oil is basically an oil based makeup remover and cleanser in one that’s suitable for all skin types. Even oily. It’s formulated with a blend of Jasmine flower extract and botanical oils to dissolve makeup and impurities without disrupting your skin’s natural balance.

You simply squirt a pump or two (depending on how much makeup you’re wearing) into your dry hands and massage it into your skin. Then you rinse and massage some more to activate the creamy cleanser hiding in there for a deep cleanse. The first time I used Soothing Cleansing Oil I was blown away. It has a lightweight scent that reminds me of cucumber with a slightly thick texture but a little goes a long way and it breaks down everything. Even the toughest of waterproof eye makeup was sliding down my face in seconds.

Once I added water, things got even better. Soothing Cleansing Oil transformed into a creamy cleanser that was gentle, hydrating and very thorough in removing all of the makeup and dirt I’ve been carrying around. No matter how much makeup I wear (or how long) my face is always squeaky clean when I do a quick swipe with my toner after using the Soothing Cleansing Oil.

The best part though, is how soft, smooth and moisturized my skin feels afterwards. If I’m feeling too tired to follow up with with the rest of my skincare routine I know I can still wake up to soft, supple skin in the morning when I use this miracle oil. Bobbi’s Soothing Cleansing Oil is a little pricey at $44 but it’s excellent quality and one bottle will certainly last you a pretty long time. I highly recommend it for my hardcore cake faces!