Day: November 5, 2015

MAC Vamplify Glosses Still Available Online!

MAC Tuned In, Hyper-Fabulous, What's Going On?, How Chic Is This?, She-Rebel Vamplify Lip Gloss

Did you miss out on the MAC Vamplify Collection? No biggie! Surprisingly, most the collection is still available online at MAC and Nordstrom. There’s a couple of glosses that are sold out but somehow the rest of these beauties have managed to hang around for a little bit. Which is good news because the Vamplify Collection is one of the best collections MAC has put out in a long time.

L’Oreal Highlighter Silkissime Infallible Eyeliner Review

L'Oreal Highlighter Silkissime Infallible Eyeliner

No matter how much makeup I collect, I will always freak out when I notice something’s missing. Always. Last month, I reached for my darling MAC I Get No Kick Kohl Pencil (like I always do) only to discover that it has magically vanished from my vanity. Much to my horror, I searched frantically for it–only to come up empty handed each time.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider losing makeup as a crisis but it was starting to feel like one after a week passed and my beloved eyeliner still hadn’t surfaced. To make matters worse? I Get No Kick is limited edition so tracking down a replacement at a reasonable price was like finding a needle in a haystack.