Fancie Faves

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner, ColourPop Avalon Super Shock Cheek, ColourPop Happy Hour Bronzer, Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow High Light Powder, NYX Vintage Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, ColourPop Feminist Lippie Pencil, Bobbi Brown Cement Sparkle Eyeshadow, L'Oreal Silkissime Highlighter Infallible Eyeliner

Happy November! I hope you guys had a fun Halloween and snagged all the free candy you could get last night. I spent my night relaxing after a very long month. Whew. Glad it’s over! Now I’m looking forward to November and the release of these wonderful holiday collections. I can already hear my wallet crying LOL!

Before I can really start back makeup shopping though I have to give you a quick rundown on all of my favorite products that got me through October. Let’s get started!

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner I never in a million years thought a drugstore toner would be able to take me away from my beloved Chanel toner but Pixi has managed to pull it off. My skin has been super clear and radiant since I’ve started using the Glow Tonic. It works so well that I haven’t touched my Chanel toner since.

ColourPop Avalon Super Shock Cheek This is pretty much the perfect highlight for WOC. I fell in love with Avalon the second I swatched it and I’ve been wearing it off and on ever since. It gives a killer bronze glow that rivals some of my favorite high end highlighters. I still can’t believe it’s only $8!

ColourPop Happy Hour Bronzer Contouring can be a little tricky but Happy Hour makes things so much easier because it’s so natural and hard to overdo. It’s become one of my favorite contour products because the cream-to-powder formula is easy to use and has a super natural finish.

Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow High Light Powder Talk about highlight on fleek! I’m so glad this limited edition beauty has made its way back to Sephora because I almost forgot I had it sitting in my stash. Bronze Glow is a stunning deep gold highlight that really pops on my complexion and makes my skin look amazing. It’s become one of my go to highlights.

NYX Vintage Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick If I had to choose one lipstick to wear for the rest of the season it would be Vintage. It just looks so perfect on me! I love that the shade is so close to my natural lip color because it makes it so easy to wear. Whether I’m rocking a dramatic look or a natural look, Vintage meshes perfectly.

ColourPop Feminist Lippie Pencil It’s not often that I go crazy over lip pencils but I love this lip liner! I’m so hurt that it sold out before I got a chance to order a backup as it’s such a nice vampy lip liner. It’s a vampy purple that’s almost black — so it looks amazing with everything. I have my fingers crossed that ColourPop will release something similar soon before I run out.

Bobbi Brown Cement Sparkle Eyeshadow You guys know I love me some glitter so I’ve been obsessed with Cement lately because it’s loaded with chunky silver glitter. I love that I can pat it on top of any shadow (cream or powder) for glittery effect without the mess or need for adhesive. It’s pretty much a foolproof way to do glittery eyes.

L’Oreal Highlighter Silkissime Infallible Eyeliner After losing my MAC I Get No Kick Pencil (which was my fave) I was freaking out. However, I can’t say I miss it too much since discovering L’Oreal’s Highlighter Eyeliner. It really brightens my eyes like my beloved MAC pencil and it lasts me all day too.

What were some of your favorite products last month?