Laura Mercier Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio Review

Laura Mercier Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio

I’ve learned two important lessons this holiday season. First lesson, Sephora’s Holiday Reward Cards are really dangerous. I ended up getting almost everything that was on my list and I don’t even regret it. Second lesson, swatches can really be deceiving.

I knew well before the Holiday Reward Cards went out that I’d be using mine to finally order the beautiful Laura Mercier Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio. It’s a gorgeous cheek palette with sophisticated abstract animal print packaging and 3 of Laura Mercier’s favorite products to bring warmth and color to the face for the perfect sunny glow all year round.

Laura Mercier Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio

You know I was all over that! The Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio comes packed with a highlighter, bronzer, blush and mini face brush to sculpt and highlight cheeks for the gods. It features:

  • Highlight-01 Matte Radiance Baked Powder
  • Bronze-03 Matte Radiance Baked Powder
  • Ritual Baked Blush Bronze

They’re all deluxe size pans but they’re large enough to fit a fluffy bronzer/blush brush as well as a fan brush so I’m rather happy with the size. I just wasn’t too happy about the swatches. Or so I thought.

At first glance, this palette looks like sunshine and butterflies. However, I could feel the storm clouds rolling in once I finally swatched it. I thought the famous Highlight-01 everyone raved so much about was frightening and Bronze-03 definitely wasn’t doing anything for me either. I was only digging Ritual because it looked like a bomb natural blush for brown skin. Just as I imagined it.

Laura Mercier Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio

However, the Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio quickly started to grow on me once I finally used it. For starters, Highlight-01 actually is stunning and is probably one of the best and most beautiful highlighters I’ve ever used. The pale champagne base doesn’t translate at all on my brown skin. Instead, I just get a gorgeous lit from within champagne glow that looks natural but can still be seen from across the room. Highlight-01 has very fine shimmer that’s very reflective so it gives a serious sheen but it doesn’t look glittery or emphasize pores.

It took me a little while to use Bronze-03 but once I finally got over how “meh” it looked when swatches it turned out to be pretty decent. Bronze-03 isn’t a bronzer I’d use on its own as its a little light for my complexion. However, it works well with other bronzers and cream contours to help blend and tone them down for a more natural look. It’s not a bronzer I would run out and purchase any time soon but it’s not too bad. I think lighter skin tones would like Bronze-03 a little better.

Now Ritual? That’s my jam! It’s the perfect “no makeup”, lazy girl and everyday blush rolled in one. Ritual is a blush and bronzer in one with a warm bronze base with swirls of pearlescent pink. When swirled together, I get a warm pinky bronze blush that adds a nice flush of color and warmth to my face. I loved Ritual so much I started reaching for the Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio more and more. Especially when I was in a pinch and need to create a quick natural look.

Not only is the packaging beautiful but the colors seem to work well for a variety of complexions and the quality is superb. Naturally, the Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio has a powdery texture considering it’s a baked palette but each shade adhered to the skin well with a natural finish. I found each powder pigmented and easy to blend as well as long lasting. Which is surprising for baked powders. I get around 7-8 hours before I notice any fading but I imagine the wear time will be more average (4-6) once it gets warmer out. However, I’m still more than pleased with the Laura Mercier Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio and I’m glad I didn’t return it before really giving it a chance. If you’re into a natural flush and glow I think you’ll love this palette. So rush over to Sephora before it’s sold out!

Laura Mercier Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio

Ritual Baked Blush Bronze, Bronze-03 Matte Radiance Baked Powder, Highlight-01 Matte Radiance Baked Powder

Laura Mercier Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio