Everyday Cheeks with the MAC Faerie Whispers Collection

MAC Faerie Whispers Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder, Cheek Pollen Blush

I love a pop of color as much as the next girl but sometimes I just want to rock a natural look. Something quick and simple that won’t leave me in the mirror for 30+ minutes blending my little heart out until my arms get tired. That’s why I was excited to see the MAC Faerie Whispers Collection for holiday last year. Faerie Whispers was loaded with soft, shimmering neutrals that I knew would be perfect for my quick, everyday looks.

MAC Faerie Whispers Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder

My first pick was Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder. It’s a warm peachy pink with a golden pearl that makes for a beautiful everyday highlight. Pearl Sunshine has a soft, silky texture that applies and blends with ease and delivers a soft yet buildable peachy golden glow. When applied with a light hand, Pearl Sunshine has an ethereal glow that rivals that mystical fairies. But when I layer it on, Pearl Sunshine transforms into a stronger golden glow that’ll light up a room the second you walk in.

Pearl Sunshine has become one of my go to highlighters at the moment because it requires very little blending and it looks so nice against my complexion. I love that I can easily pop it on before work to give my face a little life yet when I come home after a long day I’m still glowing.

MAC Faerie Whispers Cheek Pollen Blush

I also had to have Cheek Pollen Blush because I just knew it would be a wonderful everyday blush for brown skin. Cheek Pollen is a light peachy beige with a slight gold sheen and satin finish. It’s the kind of blush that I can be heavy handed with without worrying about clown cheeks once I go out into the sun. Like Pearl Sunshine, Cheek Pollen has a soft, silky texture that’s easy to blend and looks incredibly natural. It gives a very soft wash of color that pairs well with any lip or eye look. I find myself reaching for it a lot when I just want to add a subtle warmth and a bit of color to my cheeks. Cheek Pollen also lasts me pretty much all day despite how soft and dainty it is.

Together, Pearl Sunshine and Cheek Pollen are gold–literally. I get a serious gold glow when I layer them that’s quite beautiful yet still looks natural. I find it hard to believe that Pearl Sunshine and Cheek Pollen are still available because they seem to work so well for a variety of skin tones. Even us brown skin gals. If you’ve been struggling to find a natural everyday cheek combo that’ll still bring life to your face then I recommend checking out Cheek Pollen and Pearl Sunshine before they’re gone. You never know how long limited edition MAC pieces may stick around!

MAC Faerie Whispers Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder, Cheek Pollen Blush

Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder and Cheek Pollen Blush

MAC Faerie Whispers Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder, Cheek Pollen Blush