Day: March 16, 2016

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Earth Theraputics Hello Kitty Aloe Socks

Happy Pink Day! We’re almost halfway through the week which means we’re just that much closer to the weekend and we get to play in some pink. What could be better? Usually I’m sharing cute makeup and nail polish to get your girly vibes flowing and help you pink out but today it’s all about feet. For the last few months, I’ve been wearing Earth Therapeutics Aloe Socks religiously and I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t share these amazing little pink treasures with you. These socks are seriously amazing!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Illuminator Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Illuminator

If you’ve managed to steer clear of Anastasia Beverly Hills then I commend you because this woman and her makeup loving daughter are out to get all of our coins this year. The brow queen has recently expanded her line to include eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses and more that are turning out to be rather awesome. Especially the highlighters. Just when I was starting to think Anastasia Beverly Hills was just a brow brand she flipped the script and turned almost every makeup junkie in the world into a highlighter fan with her new line of Illuminators.