Ulta Beauty Collection 240 Pink Chocolate Nude Lipstick, 260 Sweet Mocha Nude Lipstick, 230 Chocolate Kiss Lipstick, 224 Coffee Break Lipstick

Once spring hits, I’m usually itching to pull out my bold lipsticks and make the transition from vampy to bright lips. However, I’ve been kinda digging nude lips lately. It doesn’t happen often but every now and then I go on a nude lip kick that makes me want to go full on nude all the time. Makeup wise that is. ?

Lately I’ve been finding myself rocking soft eyes with a natural blush and nude lip because it’s the kinda look that’s simple yet still pretty. Nude looks don’t take up as much time and they’re effortlessly beautiful with a classic feel that’s approachable yet still makes me feel as pretty as a princess.