Buxom is Now Available at Ulta!

Buxom Dolly Full-On Lip Polish, White Russian Full-On Lip Cream, Buxom Lash Mascara

There’s a lot of new exciting things happening at Ulta! Especially in the Prestige department. Ulta is working overtime to make their mark in the high end market and it’s been working very well. Some brands received a full on extension (like Anastasia) and some brands have decided to make an appearance to make Ulta an even more tempting place to shop. One of the newer brands to hit Ulta stores is Buxom. Buxom is well known for their luscious lip glosses and creamy lipsticks so I was eager to see the brand finally make its way into my Prestige department.

Buxom Dolly Full-On Lip Polish, White Russian Full-On Lip Cream

Before Buxom launched in stores, I’ve only tried their Swinger lipstick which I absolutely loved because it was a spot on dupe for one of my all time favorite limited edition MAC lipsticks and the formula was so perfect and easy to wear. I have no idea how I haven’t managed to try more of their lippies but Buxom’s recent launch at Ulta had me both excited and super curious. Buxom has a huge collection of lip glosses which aren’t usually my thing but when you see row after row of beautiful glosses with shimmer and sparkles it’s hard to resist the urge to try one (or a few) on.

When I went to the Buxom training, I got to swatch and play with a few of the lipsticks and glosses and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. Buxom really knows how to do lips! All of the lipsticks have a soft creamy texture (even the mattes) that feel pretty good on the lips. Surprisingly though, the glosses were the stars of the show for me. The Full-On Lip Polish feels so good and a lot of them are rather pigmented too! I tried on Jane, a shimmering pinky plum, that was moderately pigmented and made my lips tingle–in a good way. The Full-On Lip Polish is a plumping formula that makes lips look juicier and gives them a cooling tingle that doesn’t burn or irritate lips. I actually loved the way it felt! Lucky for me, the bubbly Buxom representative ended up giving us all goodie bags that included a two glosses and a mascara. I ended up receiving the Full-On Lip Polish in Dolly, a shimmering mauve, and Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian, a pale nude pink. Both shades are easy to wear everyday shades that flatter my brown skin and will definitely work well as layering glosses for nude lipsticks for a little more shine and glamour. If you haven’t tried any Buxom glosses yet I think Dolly and White Russian are a great start!

Buxom Lash Mascara

Buxom is also known for delivering full, flirty lashes so it was only right that we received the Lash Mascara too. Buxom’s Lash Mascara is a volumizing formula enriched with vitamins to deepen, darken and thicken lashes with rich black color. It has a chunky hourglass shaped brush with a plastic spiked design that grips and coats every lash with ease. I haven’t tried it on myself just yet because I have one too many mascaras open right now. However, I’ve tried it on many of my guests in store at Ulta and the results were bomb every time. From long lashes to short, stubby lashes, Buxom Lash Mascara makes them pop with some serious volume, length and even a nice curl. The Lash Mascara is definitely the next mascara I plan to crack open!

Have you tried any Buxom products yet? What’s your favorite?

Buxom Dolly Full-On Lip Polish, White Russian Full-On Lip Cream

Dolly Full-On Lip Polish and White Russian Full-On Lip Cream