Makeup Palette Organization

And life has been given ever since! You know that extra tempting (and sometimes messy) dollar section of Target when you first walk in? That entire area is my weakness. On any given day, you can walk in and find anything from snacks to travel cups to stationery goodies. It’s always a huge mash up of random products that no one really needs but it’s so darn cheap that you can’t help but to wander those 4 aisles forever searching for something to senselessly buy.

That’s why I have a love-hate relationship with Target. I can never walk in, buy one thing and leave. Especially not with that pesky dollar section! The last time I went to Target I had my mind set on getting another (much needed) planner for my site. But, of course, I barely made it through the doors before I was perusing the dollar aisles. That’s when something pink caught my eye.