Tint Your Eyes with Armani This Fall!

Giorgio Armani 12 Gold Ashes, 24 Nude Smoke, 21 Fur Smoke Eye Tint, Eccentrico Instant High Volume & Definiton Mascara

The eyes are the window to the soul. Whether they’re smokey, natural or winged, your eyes say a lot about you before you even speak. Most days, I like to bust out a quick wing to add a little flair and quick glimpse into my glittering soul. Sometimes, though, I love to go all out with eyeshadow to boost my creativity and express my style. I usually just pick up the eyeshadow palette pick of the day and get to blending but Influenster has given me a new way to play up my eyes–with liquid.

Liquid eyeshadows aren’t new to the makeup world but they haven’t become a huge hit just yet. It seems that this will change very soon as we’re starting to see more liquid eyeshadow formulas from brands like Maybelline and now Giorgio Armani. The Giorgio Armani Eye Tints are a new collection of liquid eyeshadows in neutral shades ranging from beige to green in shimmer and matte finishes. Armani describes the formula as a long lasting tint with the smoothness of a cream that yields intense, vibrant eye looks. The Eye Tints have a very thin, lightweight formula that’s creamy but not too emollient so it doesn’t slide around much at all. Instead, it seems to offer a precise application that’s easy to blend with a pat of a finger or a synthetic brush.

Giorgio Armani 12 Gold Ashes Eye Tint

Influenster sent me 3 shades: a shimmering nude, matte nude and matte brown. My favorite shade is 12 Gold Ashes, a shimmering pale champagne gold. It has a translucent base loaded with golden shimmer that softly dazzles without looking too glittery or metallic. Gold Ashes is a great shade to pop on the lids with a little eyeliner and mascara to add a simple touch of glamour to your everyday look. I also think Gold Ashes would look beautiful blended into the inner corners to instantly brighten eyes and give them a nice pop without overdoing it. Gold Ashes is easily the most versatile shade of the bunch as it’ll look amazing on all skin tones and adds just enough drama without much effort.

Giorgio Armani 21 Nude Smoke Eye Tint

Bright and smokey shadows are fun but you can’t live without a good nude shadow right? Influenster also threw in 21 Nude Smoke, a light cool beige, to help give me a nice nude boost. Nude Smoke is another shade that’ll work well on the lids for all skin tones. On lighter skin, Nude Smoke would be a great all over lid base to help create a sultry smokey eye or natural everyday look. For my dark skin divas, Nude Smoke will work well blended onto the lid with a deeper color in the crease like a smokey brown or plum. Nude Smoke is a wonderful fall nude as it isn’t too warm and has a soft yet smokey flair. I can’t wait to see how it paris with my favorite burgundy shadow, Cherry Cordial from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!

Giorgio Armani 24 Fur Smoke Eye Tint

Speaking of a deep, smokey brown, Influenster tossed in 24, Fur Smoke, a deep, warm brown to help bring the smoke. This smokey brown is deal for adding dimension into the crease or smudging along the lash line for a soft (or intense) smokey effect. It all depends on the mood! I honestly love all 3 shades but Fur Smoke is a close second favorite because it’s a beautiful brown that works for all skin tones–including brown skin. It doesn’t just blend into my skin tone. Nope! Fur Smoke really brings the drama yet still works for everyday looks depending on how you use it.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint 12 Gold Ashes

Each of the Giorgio Armani Eye Tints feature a regular ol’ doe foot applicator that aren’t too stiff but not too flexible so they’re rather easy to apply. Simply swipe a little across your lids for sheer, subtle coverage or layer these bad boys on for a more intense, bold finish. I’m still getting the hang of this whole new fangled liquid eyeshadow stuff but so far I’m kinda digging the Giorgio Armani Eye Tints for quick looks in the morning. I can literally just swipe on and go in the blink of an eye. Now it’s time to master throwing Fur Smoke in my crease!

Giorgio Armani Eccentrico Instant High Volume & Definiton Mascara

Influenster rounded out the Giorgio Armani Vox Box by throwing in the Eccentrico Instant High Volume & Definition Mascara. ‘Cause you can’t wear eyeshadow without mascara, right? The Eccentrico Instant High Volume & Definition Mascara is also a new addition to the Armani lineup and features a high volume formula and elastomer brush to instantly boost volume, separate and define lashes. I’ve been using it for the last few days on my bottom lashes (’cause falsies are life!) and I’m really loving it so far. The Eccentrico Instant High Volume & Definition Mascara is meant to deliver volume but it also adds a bit of length too. A quick wiggle of the brush instantly transforms my lashes giving them a good curl, a little length and volume boost too. I usually have to pile on coats of mascara to make my bottom lashes pop but the Eccentrico Instant High Volume & Definition Mascara doesn’t require nearly as much effort as say my Lancome Definicils or Smashbox X-Rated (sorry guys!). I’ve been enjoying the Giorgio Armani Eccentrico Instant High Volume & Definition Mascara so much that I’ve already tossed it in my makeup bag for a quick glamour boost before work. I can’t wait to show you guys how well everything works together!

Have you ever tried a liquid eyeshadow before?

Giorgio Armani 12 Gold Ashes, 24 Nude Smoke, 21 Fur Smoke Eye Tint

Giorgio Armani 12 Gold Ashes, 21 Nude Smoke and 24 Fur Smoke Eye Tint