Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer Review

Can you believe my new favorite concealer is only $4? Well, believe it, girl! Wet n Wild has completely changed the game with their new PhotoFocus complexion line. Offering buildable, natural coverage that’s bound to fit your budget. Where else can you find a decent concealer for under $5?

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer in Dark Cocoa Swatches Review on Dark Skin

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer

Wet n Wild describes the PhotoFocus Concealer as a “creamy” and “luminous” formula with “high coverage” and an undetectable finish.

I’d say that’s pretty accurate!

The Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealeris rather creamy and offers buildable medium to full coverage with a subtle luminous finish. It’s been tested to be white-cast free. So it’s great for picturess and works well with different setting powders too.

The Shade Range

The shade range is abysmal, though! The PhotoFocus Concealer only comes in 6 shades. Sadly, the deepest shade, Dark Cocoa, is the only shade suitable for dark skin. And, of course, it was my top pick.

Dark Cocoa is a neutral medium brown that works well for my skin tone. It’s just a teeny bit lighter than my foundation so it works well for subtle highlighting under my eyes and brows. Making Dark Cocoa a wonderful everyday concealer when I want a more natural look.

If I want to go full glam, then I’m forced to mix Dark Cocoa with the next lightest shade, Med/Deep Tan. Which is much too light for me on it’s own. But Med/Deep Tan works like a charm when mixed with Dark Cocoa to achieve that brightened, snatched highlight. However, I still don’t care for mixing shades so I’m really hoping Wet n Wild expands the range soon!

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer in Dark Cocoa Swatches Review on Dark Skin

The Coverage

I know you’re over there thinking, “This has to be one sheer concealer for $4!” No, ma’am! Wet n Wild may have been skimpy with the shade range but they let us have it in terms of coverage. The PhotoFocus Concealer has medium coverage that’s easily buildable to full. And it won’t get cakey as you layer it on thanks to that glorious luminous finish.

The PhotoFocus formula works well to cover dark circles and even conceal pesky brow hairs. Naturally, you’ll still need a color corrector if you have extreme dark circles though.

The Wear

The Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer is surprisingly impressive! I was expecting a sheer, watery concealer that slides right off. Certainly not the case here! The PhotoFocus Concealer goes on smoothly and blends easily. The creamy formula really helps the concealer to melt into skin for an ultra-natural luminous finish that lasts all day.

I can easily get 8-10 hours of solid wear before I notice some darkness peeking through. Not bad at all! In fact, my only gripe with the PhotoFocus Concealer is that it creases a bit. I haveto set it with a powder to lock it in place. Even still, I’ll notice some mild creasing by the end of the day. Literally all of my concealer crease on me. So this isn’t a deal breaker. At all!

Is the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer Worth It?

Absolutely! I’m already on my second time. That’s how much I love this stuff! The Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer has great coverage, an incredibly natural finish and it’s only $4. You can’t beat that! The formula reminds me a lot of the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. In fact, Wet n Wild would actually give Tarte a run for their money if they improved the shade range!

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer in Dark Cocoa Swatches Review on Dark SkinWet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer in Dark Cocoa Swatches Review on Dark Skin