And the Beat Goes On with the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation!

I showed you how to pull off a matte foundation. Now, it’s time to recommend one of the best! The Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation isn’t new on the block. But I’ve made it my duty to completely avoid All Nighter after swatching the formula upon release.This stuff is matte! And hella full coverage too! It looked like a dried up cake mask on the back of my hand. No bueno!

So I’ve stayed far away from the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation ever since. Until my pals at Urban Decay sent a bottle over for me to test. Naturally, I was still a little hesitant to put this stuff anywhere near my face. But All Nighter surprised me! It’s quickly becoming one of my top picks when I want a smooth, flawless beat that lasts all night.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundationin 9.75 Swatches Review Dark Skin

Tons of Coverage + a Super Matte Finish

The Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation isn’t for the faint of heart! The formula is thick and creamy with full coverage out of the gate. All Nighter has an almost cream-like consistency that really seems to “grip” skin rather than just sink into it or sit on top of it. You can essentially feel All Nighter as you apply it. But it’s not heavy. Nor does it feel mask like. Actually, the formula takes a more weightless feel as it sets down to a velvety ultra matte finish. Which only takes about a minute or so after applying.

Pretty much anyone can get good use out of All Nighter. Including my dry skin buddies. However, the formula is certainly best suited for oily skin types. Or anyone who needs a little extra coverage.

The Shade Range

Urban Decay didn’t initially give us a lot of options with All Nighter. We only saw 12 shades upon launch. However, Urban Decay has since doubled the range to 24 shades ranging from fair to deep. There’s a pretty decent variety in the mix as Urban Decay gives us options in undertones, too. I currently wear the shade 9.75 Dark Beige, a neutral deep golden bronze.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundationin 9.75 Swatches Review Dark Skin

Application is Surprisingly Easy!

You’d think a thick, super matte full coverage foundation would be a little tricky to apply. Nope! All Nighter may be thick but she spreads like butter. I’ve had great results using different makeup brushes and sponges. I don’t typically use my fingers to apply foundation. But I did spot conceal once using my finger and it worked like a charm.

Want maximum coverage? I recommend using makeup brush like a flat top kabuki brush (think ELF Powder Brush) or a dense buffing brush (like Urban Decay’s). I recommend using a damp makeup sponge if you want a softer, more natural finish. Both methods work well to deliver a smooth, even flawless finish.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundationin 9.75 Swatches Review Dark Skin

The Wear is Amazing!

I was completely blown away the first time I tried All Nighter! The finish is quite matte but it’s not drying. Nor does it make my skin look super flat and dull. The formula controls oil and shine just enough so that you look matte without the casket sharp finish. My skin still looks silky smooth and never cakey. Even when I set my smile lines with powder.

Speaking of fine lines..

This stuff does not budge! I typically have issues without foundation creasing into my smile lines like crazy. However, All Nighter manages to stay put with very little creasing throughout the day. In fact, All Nighter manages to stay in place for well over 10 hours while still looking fresh. It even survived an intense sweat session during a girls night out with my friends. My face still looked flawless after the club, honey!

Do You Need the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation?

Hell yes! Everyone needs at least one matte foundation in their arsenal. Be it for hot summer days. Or long nights out.You’ll definitely want a foundation that won’t leave you hanging. And makes your face look smooth and magical. Who doesn’t?! You can check out the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation for $40 at your nearest Ulta Beauty or Sephora.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundationin 9.75 Swatches Review Dark Skin