Manicure Monday with Claire’s Press On Nails!

Happy Monday nail lovers! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Manicure Monday post. Too long, actually! I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my nails these days. So I just had to spill the tea. Because I don’t even spend a full $20 for my nails thanks to Claire’s. And they slay!

Manicure Monday - Claire's Press On Nails Stiletto Blue Purple Ombre Glitter

Glitter Ombré Stiletto Nails for Under $10

Yup. You read that right! You can rock glitter bombed purple and blue ombrè stiletto nails for less than 10 bucks. This particular style is just $8.99 and comes with 24 nails, a cuticle tool and nail adhesive.

The nails are thin yet somewhat sturdy. Just be careful not to put too much pressure on the tips as they’ll bend. I’m a fan of the adhesive, too. It has a pretty solid hold that typically lasts for up to a week before I lose a nail.

Claire’s doesn’t name their press on sets. But the packaging makes it easy to see what you’re getting. This particular style is completely decked in glitter with a funky baby blue, lavender and purple ombrè. You’ll certainly feel like a unicorn or mysterious mermaid with these nails!

Manicure Monday - Claire's Press On Nails Stiletto Blue Purple Ombre Glitter

Grab a File & Slay!

You can wear the Claire’s Press On Nails straight out of the pack. However, I recommend taking the extra time to file them to better suit your nail beds. This yields a more natural look. And also allows you to alter the shape if you want, too. I filed this set down to be more narrow and sharper at the tips. For a true stiletto look.

The extra effort is definitely worth it as the finished result is always beautiful! Claire’s does a great job of staying on trend without being too expensive. And they’re one of the few press on nail brands available in stores with longer lengths. I absolutely recommended Claire’s Press On Nails!