My Secret Weapons for Brighter, More Even Skin

Fighting those dreadful signs of aging is definitely high up on the skincare priority list but achieving a brighter, more even complexion is certainly right behind it! The only thing more annoying than dealing with fine lines, dullness and wrinkles is an uneven complexion marked with dark spots. Hyper-pigmentation (or dark spots) are common under […]

BB Cream vs CC Creams: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re a beginner or makeup expert, it can be hard to keep up with all of the newfangled products and formulas that constantly hitting the market. I’ll never forget when BB Creams and CC Creams really started gaining traction here in the states. Everyone was going nuts with excitement and all I could think was, […]

Add a Little Glow to Your Routine!

Can you tell that I’m obsessed with glowing, dewy skin? It just looks amazing in the spring and summer! As I was telling Katherine, (we’re great makeup buds in my head lol), I haven’t quite achieved that highlight that the ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta were sporting. They were literally glowing in the dark! […]

Healthy Hair Care: Moisturizing & Sealing

When it comes to healthy hair it’s best to keep it simple. Sometimes the basics are all you need to maintain long, luxurious locks. One practice I swear by is moisturizing and sealing. From natural to relaxed it makes a world of difference in texture and length retention! By nature, curly hair is the driest […]