Hollywood Beauty Vitamin E Oil Review

Who doesn’t love oils? I know I do! They’re like nature’s sweet gift to us. Gently nourishing our skin, hair and nails without all those harsh chemicals. Olive and castor oil are my top faves but I’ve been trying some new oils lately that I just love. Like the Hollywood Beauty Vitamin E Oil!

Fancie Faves

Is it August already? Sheesh! July was a crazy busy month for me that often left me rushing out the door with very little makeup on. I could have woke up a little earlier some days to get my full face on but I preferred to keep things simple. A flawless complexion, lots of glow […]

Time to Deep Condition!

Everyone may not want long, waist length hair but we all want healthy hair! There are many different techniques to achieve shiny, healthy hair but one of the most important is deep conditioning. Deep conditioning once a week (or every other week) helps to add the moisture and protein hair needs to grow long and strong. […]