NYX Pore Filler Review

Don’t you just hate when you can’t remember who told you something? I can’t recall who posted a glowing review about the NYX Pore Filler on Instagram but please feel free to toot your own horn here. You’ve definitely scored some brownie points from me! I’ve raided the NYX booth at CVS million times without […]

Foundation Brush, Who?

Foundation brush? Who the heck needs a foundation brush when you have a Beauty Blender?? Not me! I should be ashamed of myself for not telling you about how amazing Beauty Blenders are years ago. I mean, I should be yelling from the mountain tops about these sponges. I love them that much!

MAC Blunt Blush Review

Oh, how I love you Blunt! You chisel my face for the makeup gods and I just don’t know what I would do without you! I remember when I first got into highlighting and contouring. I struggled for a while trying to find a good contour powder for my skin tone. Eventually, I settled upon the popular […]

Fancie Faves

Is it August already? Sheesh! July was a crazy busy month for me that often left me rushing out the door with very little makeup on. I could have woke up a little earlier some days to get my full face on but I preferred to keep things simple. A flawless complexion, lots of glow […]