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Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil Review


There’s a ton of great stuff you can put in your hair to keep it healthy and soft. My personal favorite? Oils! They’re just so versatile, you know?  You can use them to moisturize, condition, pre-poo and more. I usually switch up my oils a bit but I’ve been reaching for my Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil a lot lately. It makes my hair feel so good!


The Pre-Poo Method


Has your hair ever felt dry after using shampoo? That’s because some shampoos contain harsh detergents that can strip the hair of natural oils. There’s a lot of different things you can do to keep your hair soft and healthy after shampoo but my favorite is the pre-poo method.


Time to Deep Condition!

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Everyone may not want long, waist length hair but we all want healthy hair! There are many different techniques to achieve shiny, healthy hair but one of the most important is deep conditioning. Deep conditioning once a week (or every other week) helps to add the moisture and protein hair needs to grow long and strong. All you need is a good conditioner to get started. It’s easy! (more…)

African Pride Olive Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Review

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It’s a been a long time since I’ve talked about my hair journey but I promise you’re not missing much! My hair is still growing nicely and chugging slowly towards waist length. I really can’t wait to reach my goal! There has been a lot of different things that have contributed to my healthy hair growth like deep conditioning, co-washing and air drying. However, simply keeping my hair moisturized has worked wonders!


The Art of Co-Washing

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It’s been so long since I’ve done a hair post! I’m still on my journey to waist length and I must say things are going pretty darn well. At the moment, I’m about 3-5 inches away so fingers (and toes) crossed I hit my goal by fall! Since I’ve embarked on my hair journey I’ve learned a lot of different techniques to nourish and protect my precious strands. One of my favorites has been co-washing. It works wonders for keeping my hair moisturized and frizz free!


January Glam Bag

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I’m always so anxious to receive my Glam bags because they’re soo awesome! I must say I am completely impressed with Ipsy so far! I’ve enjoyed all of the bags I received and I love that the samples aren’t super tiny. Plus there’s always a full sized product or two in the mix. Sooo much better than Birchbox! This month Ipsy decided to skip on the makeup goodies but I’m still very pleased with what I received.


Best of the Golden Globes 2013


The best part about watching award shows is getting to check out all the hauteness on the red carpet! I’m a sucker for high fashion and gorgeous gowns so the Golden Globe Awards this year left me feeling like a little girl in a candy store. There were soo many beautiful looks that I wanted to blog about but I narrowed it down to my absolute faves. Of course, there has to be an absolute favorite look of the night and Jessica Alba was draped all in it! Doesn’t she look absolutely fabulous?! She totally wowed me with this peach strapless Oscar de la Renta gown. Her figure looks amazing and I love the soft, loose wave hair and coral lipstick. I also love that she paired this stunning dress with a diamond studded Harry Winston necklace and a furry Roger Vivier clutch. Very elegant, Jessica!


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