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Healthy Hair Care: Moisturizing & Sealing

Healthy Hair Care Moisturize and Seal

When it comes to healthy hair it’s best to keep it simple. Sometimes the basics are all you need to maintain long, luxurious locks. One practice I swear by is moisturizing and sealing. From natural to relaxed it makes a world of difference in texture and length retention! By nature, curly hair is the driest type so it takes a little extra effort and TLC to keep them healthy and promote growth. As the name implies, moisturizing and sealing your hair is simply the process of moisturizing your hair and then sealing that moisture in.


Like Free Stuff? Join Influenster!


Over the years, I’ve received countless products from Influenster to review and it’s been pretty fun! And very easy too! After you sign up, you connect all of your social media accounts to calculate your Impact Score. The more platforms you connect the higher your score will be. Once you’ve got everything linked up you can start unlocking badges by doing a variety of simple tasks. If you’re pretty active on social media or on the site you’ll begin to qualify for more programs. I’ve always enjoyed the Vox Boxes I’ve received but lately they’ve been very impressive! So if you love social media and don’t mind reviewing free stuff I highly recommend joining Influenster. I’m sure you’ll like it too!

Barbie Loves Forever 21 Haul & Swatches


Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Barbie? I was so obsessed with her as a child! I made my mom buy me countless dolls (including the life-size version), the bed set and so much more. So when I found out that Forever 21 had released a Barbie themed collection I got crazy excited. I still adore her! Barbie’s style and flair is iconic so there was no way I could resist sporting a few pieces from her super affordable collection.


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