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Fancie’s Red Lipstick Collection


I gave you a taste of my purple lipstick collection already but before I dive into my massive pink stash I to talk reds. It’s such a classic, sexy shade! I just recently started rocking red lips so my collection is rather small and mostly limited edition. The good thing about reds though is that they’re pretty easy to dupe so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding similar shades. Take a look!


Missed Out on MAC Dodgy Girl? There’s a Dupe for That!

 photo IMG_20140809_022602.jpg

Pretty much all of MAC’s limited edition collections require some stealth and lack of sleep. But the Osbournes release? Man! That required a rabbit foot, constant refreshing and lots of prayer. It was really crazy! I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw just how many people missed out on the beautiful Dodgy Girl. I was able to get my hands on one but I really wanted 2. You know, for a backup. Of course, things didn’t work out that way. I read about Nicka K’s Lavender Tint lipstick being a close dupe. So when I spotted it during my beauty supply run I had to have it!