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My Top 5 MAC Brushes

MAC 129, 168, 159, 286, 209 Makeup Brush Review

Happy Monday! I know you’re dreading the start of yet another work week but at least I’m here to brighten your dreary Monday with a little MAC love. Last time, we dove into some of my favorite coral lipsticks and favorite highlighters from MAC so I figured I’d keep the faves train going and share my top 5 MAC makeup brush picks. Who couldn’t use a good makeup brush or two?

MAC has been in the makeup game for decades so it’s no surprise that their brushes are arguably still considered to be top of the line for professional makeup artists. When I first started buying MAC brushes I was nowhere near close to being a professional. However, I loved the quality of MAC’s brushes and how well they applied and blended my makeup. Like a good pair of shoes, a good set of makeup brushes can truly help a girl conquer the world! Here’s a peek at my top 5 MAC brushes:

Tarte x Nicol Concilio Brush Set Now Available!

Tarte x Nicole Concilio Brush Set

Is it just me or is Tarte getting a little chummy with YouTubers lately? This year alone, we’ve seen Tarte team up with Grav3Yard Girl, MakeupShayla and Hrush Achemyan. Now they’re teaming up with Nicol Concilio, yet another YouTuber, but this time for a limited edition brush set instead of a palette. I know a lot of people aren’t always a fan of YouTube collaborations for many reasons but as a blogger and YouTube hopeful I can’t help but rock with Tarte for spreading the love and giving these ladies some recognition. Besides MakeupShayla, I’ve never heard of any of the YouTubers Tarte usually features on social media and I had no clue who Grav3Yard Girl or Hrush Achemyan was before Tarte decided to work with them. These “celebrity” endorsements can be annoying at times but Tarte has been making the best of them this year with some pretty good releases. Which leaves me curious to learn about this Nicol Concilio girl and her new limited edition brush set with Tarte.

Make Your Imperfections Vanish with Hourglass

Influenster Hourglass Vanish Vox Box

It’s always a pleasant surprise when I receive random goodies in the mail from Influenster but the latest Hourglass Vanish Vox Box is the best one yet. This Vox Box is bomb! Hourglass recently released a new line of foundation sticks and Influenster sent me one along with the coordinating foundation brush to review for you guys. I don’t usually reach for foundation sticks but I was still beyond excited to get my hands on the new Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick because it’s been receiving glowing reviews since it released and Hourglass makes some seriously nice, luxury makeup.


New ELF Brush Collection Coming Soon!

New ELF Brush Collection

ELF is one of the most popular drugstore brands in the world but it looks like they’re trying to break away from being labeled as “cheap”. The affordable budget beauty brand seems to be taking a new direction with their latest launches which includes their new skincare collection and new collection of luxury brushes. ELF recently released a new line of brushes that are softer and studier than the original Studio Brushes but it appears that they aren’t done expanding their brush reign just yet. For the past week, this beautiful leak has been circulating around social media and it’s got me so excited! Kathleen Lights got a chance to test these stunning new brushes at an ELF event and let the cat out the bag that they were great quality and coming very soon. She mentioned that she wasn’t sure how much they’d cost or exactly when they’ll be released but I’m guessing that it’ll be within the next couple months since ELF is already letting them get a little play time. I just hope ELF doesn’t hike up the price too much because I’m interested in buying pretty much all of these brushes. Like all of them!

Will you be grabbing any of the new ELF brushes once they’re available?

ELF Studio Contouring Brush Review

ELF Studio Contouring Brush

Makeup brushes can be a bit expensive but you don’t always have to spend the big bucks to get good quality. I’ve tried my fair share of makeup brushes from high end brands like Chanel and MAC to more affordable options like Coastal Scents and ELF so I’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to shopping for makeup brushes. The biggest lesson I learned is that a higher price tag doesn’t always signify superb quality. Sometimes you’re just paying for the name brand itself. I have a handful of MAC, Chanel and ELF brushes and, believe it or not, there’s times when my ELF brushes out-perform brushes that cost me 3-4 times as much. In fact, I think ELF is one of the best brands to go to for affordable brushes because they’re almost always rather nice quality at a great price.


Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush Review

Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush

If there was one thing I learned from my quick stint with Bobbi Brown it’s that she makes some amazing quality makeup. There’s a reason why Bobbi Brown is a household name all over the globe. That woman really knows her stuff! From her massive foundation range to her stunning Shimmer Bricks, Bobbi Brown has managed to create a quite impressive makeup line with a huge following that’s greatly deserved. I didn’t know too much about Bobbi Brown products before I worked there but I quickly discovered why everyone was so crazy about them. Especially her makeup brushes.


Brush Up on Your Technique with New Milani Brushes for Spring

New Milani Makeup Brush for Spring 2016

Milani has been changing the game this year with their new releases for spring and it seems like they’re just getting started! They’ve whipped up a new eyeshadow palette collection, lip oils and more this year including a new line of brushes that look mighty nice. The line includes a Foundation Brush, Powder/Bronzer Blush, Blush Brush, All Over Shadow Brush, Crease Brush and Blending Brush to help create a full face look with ease. They’re a little pricey for drugstore brushes ($8 for eye brushes and $13-$16 for face) but I’m hoping that the quality makes them worth it and that the coupons and discount codes start rolling in soon. I love Milani but I can’t imagine paying that much for drugstore brand brushes. I guess ELF has spoiled me!

Will you be trying the new Milani makeup brushes this spring?

It Cosmetics Love is the Foundation Brush Review

It Cosmetics Love is the Foundation Brush

We’re well past Valentine’s Day but I’ve been feeling the love for quite some time thanks to It Cosmetics limited edition Love is the Foundation Brush. It released back in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month but my store received a random shipment of them recently and I couldn’t be happier to pick it up. Not only is the It Cosmetics Love is the Foundation Brush insanely beautiful but it’s so plush and soft that I just had to add it to my collection. I needed it!

New ELF Brushes Coming Soon!

ELF Cosmetics New Brushes for Fall 2015

ELF has been coming out with a lot of nice products lately! Earlier this year, the budget beauty brand expanded their Studio line of brushes (which are amazing!) and now it looks like they’ll be adding even more brushes to their lineup. ELF recently dropped this teaser on Instagram and noted that they’ll popping up online at the end of the month so we should be seeing them any day now.

I’m a huge fan of ELF’s Studio Brushes so I’m definitely looking forward to trying these beauties. Do you think you’ll be ordering any of the new ELF brushes?