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Fancie’s Red Lipstick Collection


I gave you a taste of my purple lipstick collection already but before I dive into my massive pink stash I to talk reds. It’s such a classic, sexy shade! I just recently started rocking red lips so my collection is rather small and mostly limited edition. The good thing about reds though is that they’re pretty easy to dupe so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding similar shades. Take a look!


MAC Artificially Wild Collection


What’s fall without a handful of MAC collections? MAC is always pumping out a ton of limited edition collections but this fall is going to be huge! From bold and colorful to classic and neutral MAC has a little something for us all. If you’re into soft, everyday nudes and neutrals then you’ll be all over the upcoming Artificially Wild collection. Take a look!


Sephora Collection Dome Z Palette First Impressions

 photo IMG_20140811_044423.jpg

Gift cards or not, I NEEDED this palette! Yes, the all caps was necessary. Z palettes are truly life saving! I definitely appreciate the free lipsticks I scored from depotting but the free space felt so much more rewarding. I have a drawer full of blushes and highlights rolling around with type of organization. Now the Sephora Collection Dome Z Palette is only a small step but it’s still in the right direction!