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Elf Flawless Concealer Brush Review

When Elf finally decided to release a blending brush for their awesome Studio line a couple of months ago I think I shed a tear. Finally!! I love my Sedona Lace synthetic blending brush but I was growing bored with it and wanted to try something new. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only girl waiting on this brush to arrive. It sold out incredibly fast and was out of stock for weeks. The second these were back in stock I ordered two. Thank goodness I did because this brush is AMAZING! Elf couldn’t have picked a better name for this brush!


Elf Studio Blush Review

If you’re looking for some cheap, pigmented blushes these may be just the ones for you!


When I first swatched these from my Elf Haul, I’ll admit, I wasn’t too impressed. Especially considering I had some trouble swatching a few of the shades. It just didn’t look good…….or so I thought!