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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Covergirl 425 Bombshell Pink Colorlicious Lipstick and ColourPop Nevermind Lippie Pencil

Ready for some pink fun? Of course you divas are! I know most people like to reserve bright, hot pink lips for spring and summer but I don’t believe in those kinda rules. I’m more of a “no pink lipstick left behind” kinda gal–no matter what season it is. Today, I’m going to bring the rebel out of you too by showing you a really easy trick to bring your bright pinks (or any bright colors) comfortably into fall. All you need is a deep, vampy lip pencil and your favorite pink lipstick.

For this look, I dug up my bright, hot fuchsia pink CoverGirl Bombshell Pink Colorlicious Lipstick and paired it with my deep blackened purple ColourPop Nevermind Lippie Pencil. ‘Cause nothing goes better with pink than purple, right?

Milani Matte Fearless Color Statement Matte Lipstick Review

Milani Matte Fearless Color Statement Matte Lipstick

Earlier this summer, Milani released 5 new Color Statement Matte Lipsticks in shades that felt a lot more like warm fuzzy scarves than beaches and sunshine. It was kinda a rebel move considering summer is usually reserved for bright neons and pastels–but I can dig it. I’m a rebel too. I didn’t even wait until fall to crack open the deepest shade of the bunch, Matte Fearless. That’s how badass I am.


I Think I’m Addicted to ColourPop…

ColourPop Nevermind Lippie Pencil, Grunge Lippie Pencil, Leather Lippie Pencil, Feminist Lippie Pencil, Grunge Lippie Pencil, Trap Ultra Matte Lip, Zipper Ultra Matte Lip, Coconut Super Shock Shadow, Nillionaire Super Shock Shadow

Hi, my name is Fancie and I think I’m addicted to ColourPop. I just ordered some goodies a couple of weeks ago and yet here we are again with even more goodies. The worst part? I may or may not have placed another order last night for a couple of the new Ultra Matte Lipstick shades and other goodies. Le sigh. It’s just so easy to get wrapped up in ColourPop!

I’ve gotten so used to paying over $17 for lippies and $15 for eyeshadows that when I finally discovered how creamy their Lippie Pencils and Stix were and how pigmented, bouncy and fluffy their shadows and cheek goodies are I was all over that ‘ish. All over it. 

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks Now Available at Ulta!


When I walked into Ulta and spotted the fresh new display of NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks i could just about hear the hallelujah chorus in my head. Finally, these babies are available in stores! NYX has been teasing us with sneak peeks and swatches of the new Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks for months now so it’s no surprise that they can’t keep them in stock online. No problem though! Now you can bop right into your local Ulta and walk out with the shades you want. No waiting. No mail carriers hurt in the process. Easy peasy!

Transition into Fall with the Bobbi Brown Telluride Palette

Bobbi Brown Telluride Eye Palette

Ahhh, summer. It’s way too hard to say goodbye! Excuse me while I have a quick Boyz II Men moment. It’s officially fall but the warm weather already has me reminiscing about summer. Especially those calm, warm summer evenings. When the sun turns a blazing orange and the sky is filled with different shades of pink, blue and orange. So gorgeous!


Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow High Light is Back!

Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow High Light Powder

Don’t you just love when limited edition products make a comeback? I know I do! Last year, Bobbi released 2 limited edition High Light Powders in her holiday collection that turned out to be a huge hit. Now that strobing is all the rage, Bobbi has decided to bring her iconic Pink Glow and Bronze Glow High Light Powders back this year–just in time for the holiday season!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Estēe Lauder’s New Mattes!

Estēe Lauder 410 Shameless Violet, 430 Extrovert Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick and 130 Bittersweet Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion

When I think of Estee Lauder, I think of sweet old ladies in a strong spicy, floral perfume with their lips and cheeks covered in rouge ready to pinch your cheeks at any given second. Not bold mattes and liquid lipsticks. Estee Lauder has always given off a more classic, mature vibe better suited for those spunky older gals who like to power-walk laps around the mall before it even opens. Not anymore!

Today, Estee Lauder is shaking things up new formulas and bold shades that your grandma wouldn’t dare touch. And I like it! I respect Estee for sticking to her classic guns for all these years but every now and then it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Color Your Eyes 50 Shades of Greige with Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette

Greige is the new nude! Bobbi isn’t usually one to jump on trends (like contouring) but I’m glad that she’s been open to the new wave of greige. The iconic mix of grey and beige took us by storm with alluring lipsticks but Bobbi has transformed it into a fall collection for eyes. ‘Cause you can’t have greige lips without matching greige eyes. Don’t be silly girl!

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