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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Urban Decay Catfight Revolution Lipstick

The only thing better than finding a pretty bold hot pink lipstick to rock on Pink Wednesday is finding one that’s half off. Beautiful and affordable? Can’t beat that! That’s why this week’s pink pick is the Urban Decay Catfight Revolution Lipstick. At the moment, it’s half off online at Urban Decay and in stores at Ulta, Macy’s and Sephora because Urban Decay is revamping their lipstick line to replace it with the new Vice lipsticks. There’s a few shades that’ll be carried over into the Vice lipstick range but unfortunately Catfight will soon be discontinued so I jumped on the chance to finally pick it up for just $11.


New ColourPop Ultra Satin Lipsticks!

ColourPop Frick n Frack, Mess Around, So Wavy Ultra Satin Lipsticks

I keep telling myself I’m going to hold off on buying more lipsticks (that I certainly don’t need) but leave it to ColourPop to call my bluff every time. I’m still recovering from snatching up quite a few of Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks that are now half off but ColourPop decided to have a flash sale right after that was too good to pass up. Everything under $10 plus 20% off? It would be a crime if I didn’t place an order! So I did what was right and added a 3 of the new Ultra Satin Lipsticks (along with other things 🙈) to my cart so I could finally get my hands on those beauties.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder Review

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder in Naked Dark

There’s some things in life that go hand in hand. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or foundation, concealer and powder. You can’t have one without the other. Especially when it comes to foundation, concealer and powder. Even if you have dry skin you need a little powder to get you through a long day without your makeup fading, creasing or sliding off before you can even make it home. When I first started wearing makeup, I was not the biggest fan of powder because it always seemed to accentuate my dry skin and make my fine lines look even worse. Now, I’m starting to love a little powder here and there because it makes a huge difference in the way my makeup looks and wears throughout the day. The key is finding the best formula that works for your skin.


New ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks!

ColourPop Cheap Thrills, Are N Be, Privacy Please Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

A girl can never have too many liquid lipsticks, right? Of course not! Liquid lipstick is life these days. That’s why so many brands are finally coming out with them and other brands are expanding their lines left and right. ColourPop is all about that liquid lipstick life so it’s only right that they’ve added yet another batch of new shades to their Ultra Matte Lipstick lineup. Just like it’s only right that I add a few of them to my collection because I just love ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lipsticks and all of the creative colors they come up with at such an amazing price.


Makeup Revolution is BOGO Half Off at Ulta!

Makeup Revolution BOGO Half Off at Ulta

The only thing better than good quality drugstore makeup is good quality drugstore makeup that’s on sale. Don’t you agree?? London based Makeup Revolution has been gaining a lot of popularity here in the states that has recently landed them a spot in Ulta. I’ve been eyeing Makeup Revolution for a little while now after reading many good reviews and seeing tons of makeup porn and swatches on Instagram. So I jumped on the opportunity to try out a few products while Makeup Revolution is now buy one get one half off at Ulta. Everything is under $10 which is already super affordable but couple that with the fact that you can grab another product for half off and use Ulta’s $3.50 off coupon and you’ve got yourself a damn good deal!


On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Bobbi Brown Desert Pink Blush + Sunset Pink Shimmer Brick

Ready for some pink? Of course you are you girly girl you! I don’t know about you but I could wear pink all the time. Pink makeup makes me feel so feminine and flirty. Or bold and fun. Whatever I’m in the mood for. Pink is an incredibly versatile color that anyone can pull off whether it’s on the lips, nails, or cheeks. This week, I decided to celebrate my love for pink with a killer pink cheek combo that’s perfect for spring and summer.

ColourPop Panda & Petit Four Ultra Satin Lipstick Review

ColourPop Panda + Petit Four Ultra Satin Lipsticks

ColourPop is on a mission to take all of my coins this year! I’m already addicted to the shadows, highlighters, lip liners and Ultra Matte Lipsticks but now I’ve become obsessed with the new Ultra Satin Lipsticks. They’re so good! I recently ordered a handful of shades to try and I’ve been pretty much hooked ever since. My favorite of the bunch is probably still Tansy but Panda and Petit Four are quickly creeping into my heart.

Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Review

Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

If there’s one thing that’s difficult to find when you have brown skin it’s bronzer. Usually bronzers are too light or too shimmery resulting in more of a highlighter than a straight up bronzer that’s actually going to add the warmth and subtle definition bronzers are meant to give. Of all of the bronzers I’ve tried over the years I’ve only come across 2 that actually function as a bronzer for me: Bobbi Brown’s Deep Bronzing Powder and now Too Faced’s Dark Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. I already had a feeling that Bobbi Brown would be the one to pull off a great bronzer for dark skin divas but I was pleasantly surprised to see Too Faced pull it off too.


NYX Honeymoon Matte Lipstick Review

NYX Honeymoon Matte Lipstick

When some people think of drugstore makeup they automatically assume it’s cheap, poor quality makeup that doesn’t look good, last long or apply well. That isn’t always the case though. Especially when it comes to NYX. NYX is one of my favorite drugstore brands because their products are very affordable and usually amazing quality that often gives higher end brands a run for their money. NYX’s line of Matte Lipsticks is a great example of this as they’re comparable to MAC’s Matte Lipsticks at less than half the price.


NARS Lovejoy Blush Review

NARS Lovejoy Blush

Most hardcore makeup lovers can’t get enough of blush but it seems that a lot of dark skin divas aren’t convinced that blush is where it’s at. I get it. Finding the perfect blush to compliment brown skin can be tricky. A lot of brands cater to lighter skin tones with pale pinks and corals that look ashy and washed out on brown skin. All hope isn’t lost though! Some brands create blushes with all skin tones in mind. Like NARS. NARS is king when it comes to high end blushes for brown skin because there’s a huge color range with shades that are designed to give us brown skin beauties the perfect flush.