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Fresh Sugar Kisses Balm Duo Review

I have been itching to get my hands on these balms for soo long! I missed picking them up around my birthday but luckily I was still able to snatch them up. I love lipsticks and glosses but balms will always hold a special place in my heart! Whenever a lippie is too drying or just isn’t moisturizing enough a nice balm will always save the day. I’ve seen a lot of ladies complaining about this balm duo but I like it! Check it out!


MAC Taste Temptation Haul & Swatches

Taste Temptation is here! For you ladies who don’t stalk the makeup boards MAC dropped yet another collection this month. They release so many collections it’ll make your head spin! This time MAC rolled out a beautiful purple collection that I just couldn’t resist indulging in! It’s called Taste Temptation and it was actually released ahead of schedule. It wasn’t supposed to be released online until today but the lovely ladies in the makeup group I joined on Facebook informed me that it was up on the 4th! Of course, I scurried online to place my order. I’m extremely pleased with MAC’s customer service and shipping. I didn’t even opt for the $2 2 day shipping offer they’re promoting at the moment and I still was able to receive my order 2 days later. AMAZING!


Nars Multiple in Lamu Swatches & Review

The only thing I’m more addicted to buying other than lippies is highlighters! I will never get enough of the glow they give and the way they warm up my face. Finding a great highlighter is truly satisfying! And I’m completely glowing with satisfaction over this Nars multiple! At first, I was a little leery about trying one because the multiples are a bit pricey at $39 but I find them totally worth it! Some of the shades can be used as both a blush and highlighter but Lamu is more on the highlighter side. But it’s so darn beautiful I find myself skipping the blush when I wear this.


MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick Review & Swatches

I know I’m super late but I’m still seriously enjoying my MAC Glamour Daze haul! Since I dived into the makeup world a year ago I haven’t gotten excited over any of MAC’s releases until they rolled out their Glamour Daze collection. It was filled to the brim with delicious goodies for just about every beauty under the sun. One of my favorites of the collection was this bright magenta lipstick cleverly named Outrageously Fun. It’s the perfect bright fall lipstick!


Tarte Statement Lips 5-Piece Lip Surgence Set Swatches

Not too long ago I indulged in a nice holiday haul courtesy of Viggle (check it out!) which included this awesome Tarte lippie set. I say awesome because you get 5 full sized Tarte Lip Surgence lippies for just $34! They’re regularly $24 a piece so this is most definitely a holiday steal! I’ve never even tried any of Tarte’s lippies prior to buying this set but with a value this good I had to jump on it. After trying a couple of them I can honestly say this is just too good to miss out on!


NYC Individual Eyes Compact Swatches & Review

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I haven’t been wearing eyeshadow much but I was still pretty excited to try out the NYC Individual Eyes compact I received in my Influenster Beauty Blogger vox box. It was smokey just how I like it! The compact contains a mix of frosty smokey shades that looks like they’ll create the perfect smokey look. I’ve never tried any of NYC’s shadows but the compact looked pretty decent. Check it out!