MAC Simpsons Collection Coming Soon!

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Are you ready for the MAC Simpsons collection? If not, you’d better start preparing! MAC finally decided to give us a little sneak peek of the collection and everyone is pretty pumped up about it. To add to the fiery excitement MAC is launching the collection a little early! On July 26th, the Simpsons themed collection will be available for pre-sale at MAC’s Gaslamp store in San Diego, CA. Can’t make it to Comic Con? No biggie! The collection will be officially released online at MAC on August 28th and in stores and counters on September 4th. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!

Fancie Faves

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Happy July! June turned out to be a really nice makeup month for me! I managed to pick up a handful of new goodies but I also got a chance to really explore some products I’ve owned for a little while. There’s nothing like getting a chance to play in all the pretty makeup lying around your vanity!


ELF Disney Ariel Haul


The only thing I love more than lipstick is a pair of glamorous falsies! ELF recently released the Disney Ariel collection which included bronzer, eyeshadows and flattery lashes. Of course, I couldn’t resist the falsies so I picked up a pack! (more…)

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