MAC Blunt Blush Review

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Oh, how I love you Blunt! You chisel my face for the makeup gods and I just don’t know what I would do without you! I remember when I first got into highlighting and contouring. I struggled for a while trying to find a good contour powder for my skin tone. Eventually, I settled upon the popular Sleek Contour Kit (which I love) but I wanted to try something a little softer for everyday use. I noticed a lot of ladies around my complexion obsessing over MAC Blunt Blush but it looked so light in the pan that I held off on trying it. Thank goodness I gave it a go anyway!


MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2 Coming Soon!

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She’s back! I know you’re probably tired of the MAC x Rihanna madness but it looks like we have just one more release with the Bajan beauty. I can’t lie. I’m pretty pumped! Not only do I love Rihanna (serious stan over here!) but this Viva Glam campaign is the most unique yet. Take a look!


Iman Kinky Pink Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick Review

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Oh, Iman! I’m slowly falling for you and I can’t get up! I’ve always read positive reviews about Iman products but I hesitated to try them. Honestly, they’re a little pricey for a drugstore brand but the quality seems to be there. So far, I’ve tried two of the Luxury Moisturizing Lipsticks and they’re worth every penny! Taboo was simply amazing and the beautiful Kinky Pink seems to be a pretty great follow up. Take a look!


Makeup Academy is Available at CVS!

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So I brushed through CVS last week for a few things and, to my surprise, caught this huge Makeup Academy booth! In case you didn’t know, Makeup Academy is a UK drugstore brand that’s been getting a lot of attention here in the US lately. I’m usually pretty up to date on makeup releases but this one completely slipped my radar. I was a little pressed for time so I couldn’t fully explore everything but I did notice the eyeshadow palettes were missing. I’ve read some pretty nice reviews about the eyeshadow palettes so I hope they pop up soon! I’m looking up some lippie reviews now to see what I might want to pick up the next time I hit CVS. I’ll keep you posted!

Fancie Faves

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Is it August already? Sheesh! July was a crazy busy month for me that often left me rushing out the door with very little makeup on. I could have woke up a little earlier some days to get my full face on but I preferred to keep things simple. A flawless complexion, lots of glow and flirty eyes were all I needed to get by!


Time to Deep Condition!

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Everyone may not want long, waist length hair but we all want healthy hair! There are many different techniques to achieve shiny, healthy hair but one of the most important is deep conditioning. Deep conditioning once a week (or every other week) helps to add the moisture and protein hair needs to grow long and strong. All you need is a good conditioner to get started. It’s easy! (more…)

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