Operation Vanity: Part 3

Operation Vanity has definitely been a work in progress but it’s coming along quite nicely! Since I’ve discovered the spacey yet affordable cosmetic organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond my vanity has never looked better. No more piles of lipsticks and glosses scattered everywhere. Or stray liners cluttering up my work space. It’s just such a […]

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Operation Vanity: Part 2

Reorganizing my stash and vanity is quite the project but I’m still pushing through it! I knew it was only a matter of time before I grabbed another organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond to add on to part one of my renovations. It just worked so well with MAC lippies! Instead of grabbing another […]

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Operation Vanity: Reorganizing my Vanity Makeup Organizer Container Store

Operation Vanity: Reorganizing My Stash

There comes a time in every makeup junkie’s life where she realizes her stash is getting a little out of control. I’ve finally reached that point. Does that mean I’m going to stop hauling all of the beautiful makeup in the world? Of course not! It just means that it’s time for me to start organizing a […]

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