Have You Ever Repurchased Any Beauty Products?

Every so often, us makeup junkies do a magical thing: finish a product. Whenever I hit pan on something it’s like a celebration. I’m always buying and trying new things so it’s a tiny miracle when I finally finish a product. And I know I can’t be the only one! So we’re gonna keep it pushing […]

Fancie Faves

Ahh March. It’s like I barely knew you. You came and went so fast! Tomorrow marks the start of April so it’s that time to spill about my favorite products. You ready? Let’s get started!

Fancie Faves: Lip Liners

Lately I’ve been finding myself lining my lips to the gods! A good lip liner can extend the wear of your lipstick, make the color really pop and really give your lips definition. I love using lip liners to alter the color of my lipstick (or gloss) a bit but my favorite way to use […]

Get Sexy Matte Lips with MAC this Fall!

I gave you guys a head’s up about MAC’s retro matte lipstick collection in my recent RiRi Boy lipstick review but now I’m back with more info and of course some swatches for my lovelies! The retro matte formula is simply amazing but MAC has only one shade available in their permanent line. Lucky for […]