Walgreens Disney Vixen’s Kiss Lip Color Set Review

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “This Walgreens Disney Villains Collection is just too cute to use!” The packaging may feel cheap but the novelty of the our favorite villains plastered on every piece will probably never wear off. I’ve already cracked open the lipsticks yet I’ve still found a way to let them […]

Walgreens Fall 2015 Disney Villains Haul & Swatches

Years ago, MAC released their iconic Venomous Villains Collection that made being bad feel so good. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really into makeup so I completely missed out. I was hoping to get my thrills from the Maleficent and Cinderella collections but they didn’t seem nearly as nice as Venomous Villains. Thanks to Walgreens, I get […]

MAC True Love’s Kiss Lipstick Review

When I first heard that MAC was releasing a Maleficent themed summer collection I was insanely excited. Soon after, the color story and pictures began to surface and my excitement was completely squashed. It was so plain and boring! Not to mention, it wasn’t very brown girl friendly either. I was going to pass initially […]

MAC Maleficent Collection Update!

Remember that Maleficent themed collection I was telling you guys about? Well it’s almost here! I was so crazy excited to see the what the collection would be like and we’re finally getting some pictures and info. I must say, though, I’m pretty disappointed so far. I missed out on the amazing Venomous Villains collection […]

MAC Maleficent Collection Summer 2014

On top of Disney releasing a new action packed movie about one of our favorite fairytale villains MAC is creating a limited edition color collection to go along with it! Can you picture me jumping for joy? Because that’s exactly what I’m doing right now! Back in 2010, MAC teamed up with Disney to release […]